Autobuild of binary distributions?

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Pavel Melnikov created an issue

Hi. How difficult is it to automate the building process of FlatCAM and issue beta releases more frequently (I mean distributions for non-programmers or those who don’t want to install all the dev stuff)? The latest binary release is 8.993 and I’ve already stumbled upon 2 bugs that were fixed since, so I’d very much like to move on to next version, but there is none.

As I suspect that making a windows installer is somewhat tiresome and manual process, it might be beneficial to automate the process. Can anyone describe the process of how the installer is made, so I might try to write some CI/CD script for that? I believe that most of building can be automated with something like pyinstaller, however, as I understand, some 3rd party apps need to be brought along.

Autobuilding linux distributions could also be beneficial, because at the moment FlatCAM on Ubuntu requires around a gigabyte of development packages (g++, python-dev and stuff) if installed via, provided that the system is clean before installation.

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  1. Marius Stanciu


    I don’t feel that having intermediary installers is a good idea. People will start using installers assuming that they’ve got something usable but they may be just full of problems.
    The way things are working right now is better in my opinion since the build installers are done for the release of versions.

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