PDF import can't open PDF file.

Issue #472 resolved
Good Will created an issue

Hello Marius,
Jus for information that PDF import can’t import file. It is not big issue because image import works like a charm.
So person can do screenshot and import as image.
Anyway here is result.
Thank you

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  1. Marius Stanciu

    Hello Dmitri,
    Unfortunately not all PDF files can be opened. There are different versions of PDF formats and not all can be opened.

    That is not a bug but a limitation of the current implementation of PDF parser.

  2. Marius Stanciu

    Hi again,

    It was not easy but finally I did found a package (pikePdf) that managed to parse the FlateDecode streams in a PDF file correctly. The zlib implementation in Python do not expose the FlateDecoder but search for a specific header which PDF files do not always have in the PDF streams. But with the help of pikePdf module I managed to import your file in FlatCAM.

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