Toolchange deactivation not working

Issue #490 new
Bastel Baus created an issue line 2534 sets toolchange to true. Should probably be set to something like “["geometry_toolchange"]”. See screenshot for possible bugfix (not yet tested).

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  1. Marius Stanciu

    This is a well known issue and there are changes now being done (slow pace) that will change the geometry to cncjob sections. And there will be a fix for this one too. All the common parameters are affected.

  2. Bastel Baus reporter

    OK, I am just learning 🙂

    Btw, i just saw that the complete transformation is “hard coded” in the python scripts with scripts for every machine. I was wandering if it wouldn’t be easier to maintain to have a kind of generic reprocessor which could be configured over a text / config file. Is this also something already in the pipe?

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