Tools Database - found multiple tools with the same diameter - drilling tool / Beta 8.994

Issue #492 open
paolo.ferlini created an issue


i’ve inserted several tools for different operations.

  • 5 tools for Isolation
  • 4 tools for drilling
  • 2 tools for cutout

I checked several times to having diameter and related data (min and max tollerance) not overlapping

But always i’ve the following warning:

[WARNING] Cancelled.
Multiple tools for one tool diameter found in Tools Database.

I’ve checked between types and found that 1 tools with operation = “drilling” and 1 tool with operation=”cutout” have the same diameter.

removed the tool with operation=”cutout”, the warning disapears.

Can this considered a bug or is correct to assume that cutout and drilling operation may be the same ?



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  1. Marius Stanciu


    This should not happen, only tools added for a specific operation should be compared one to another. I looked into this and found some minor issues, in any case the next version is a major rework so we’ll see then since I am going to check a bit more thoroughly the Tools Database due of a lot of breaking changes added.

    Best regards,

  2. Marius Stanciu
    • changed status to open

    Let's keep it open until the new release so other people can see it otherwise they may create a duplicate.

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