I can't import the DRL file from EasyEda - fixed for next version

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Mihai Raileanu created an issue

Hi, I created a PCB in EasyEda and the file for drilling .DRL I can't load it into FlatCam 8,994 downloaded from Marius S. The program gives me an error that it is not Gerber. I work with EasyEda because I do projects with NodeMCU and there I found the library for it. I have attached the entire file generated by EasyEda. Please help ...

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  1. Marius Stanciu

    Hello Mihai,

    Make sure that the preferences files are deleted and let the app regenerate them.
    To do that open the Menu → Edit → Preferences and in the bottom you’ll see a button named Open Pref Folder . Click it, a folder will open and then close the application.

    Delete the content of that folder and open the app again.

    I just tried the files from you and all open in FlatCAM 8.994. The only thing is that, in Drilling Tool there is a bug and since you have slots, when you create the CNCJob make sure that the tools that hold only slots are not selected.

    Cele bune,

  2. Marius Stanciu

    In any case I fixed the bug in the Drilling Plugin (Tool). Pay attention when creating slots out of drills in your design because in your files you have two tools with only slots. Slots can’t be drilled even if you know that they are drills in reality, they have to be milled (with an endmill).

  3. Mihai Raileanu reporter

    Hello Marius,

    thanks for the reply, please help me figure out where the problem is, what are the two components that only have slots. I've been looking for the problem but I don't realize it. Thanks in advance for your support.

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