Cutting slots from Excellon generated in Altium

Issue #522 resolved
Kevin Vahn Gill created an issue


Is there any way to cut slots in the example attached?

Drilling tool says file has no drills and Excellon Editor seems to convert slots to just holes.

your advice would be greatly appreciated, best regards, KVG

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  1. Marius Stanciu

    Hi Kevin,

    If you are using not-yet-published-8.995 version from my Bitbucket account, then you need to mill the slots using the functionality in the Excellon Properties tab.
    1. Load the Excellon file with the slots.
    2. In the Properties tab click the Utilities button.
    3. Click the row in the Tool Table and the Mill slots button will turn from grey (disabled) to normal
    4. In the milling diameter use a suitable tool diameter
    5. Click the Mill Slots button
    6. A geometry Object is generated and this you will process in the Milling Plugin turning it in GCode

    Best regards,


  2. Kevin Vahn Gill reporter

    Thanks… was a bit hidden, lol…. works perfectly…

    Once i finish the project i’m working on i will take a look at the code, very interested.


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