Milling/Target jumps to first file on the Geo list

Issue #526 new
Steve Lilley created an issue

In Project Tab under the Geometry folder, select any file except the first one in the list - Click on Properties then click Milling. In the Target window, it will display the first file on the Geo list and not the one you selected.

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  1. Steve Lilley reporter


    There is a similar issue in the Excellon folder - Select an excellon file, click the Properties tab then the Milling button. Again, the previous selected file in not in the Target window. It is the first file in the Geo folder.


  2. Marius Stanciu

    Hello Steve,
    The Excellon section from the Milling Plugin is not functional. Even the GUI is not finished in that section so for now issues in that area will not be addressed except if they really are in the way.

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