Error when opening FlatCAM

Issue #527 resolved
Richard White created an issue

I was able to open and use FlatCAM before, but the other day when I tried to open the program and ever since I keep getting the error shown in the image, and the program just closes.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled FlatCam 8.5, and I have tried to run 9, but I keep getting this error. I have even uninstalled Python and reinstalled it with the latest version. I really need to make these PCBs. I bought my CNC just for this project. Can anyone help please me?

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  1. Marius Stanciu

    Hi Richard,

    Stop the application (FlatCAM).
    Go to: C:\Users\____YOUR_OWN_USERNAME____\AppData\Roaming\FlatCAM and delete all the files inside.
    Restart FlatCAM.

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