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Steve Lilley created an issue

Hello Marius,

I was checking out the functionality of the Extract Plugin and came by a couple of issues.

1: When selecting a file in the Source Object combo box then Extract Drills, everything seams to be ok. But when Extract Soldermask or Extract Cutout, the file in the combo box jumps to the last file in the Gerber folder… deja vu

2: Trying to extract a Polygon Soldermask, octagon in my case, it would not extract even under Others or All.

Love this program, Steve

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  1. Steve Lilley reporter


    There appears to still be an issue in the Extract Soldermask – the 4 octagons are identified in the Processed Pads Type under Other and a file is created in the project folder but no octagons were extracted.


  2. Marius Stanciu

    Hello Steve,

    Try the latest commit, it adds support for “P” type apertures like the ones that store the pads you mentioned. It also fixes the issue with the exported Gerber not holding the data found in “P” type apertures.

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