Substraction tool working incorrectly in 8.994b

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Александр Комаров created an issue

Hello! I’m trying to prepare gcode for laser graver in Flatcam 8.994 beta. I’m export 2 gerber files from Altium Designer 17 with copper bottom layer of PCB and drill countours. And i need to substract drills from polygons. Generally it works but some drills is not substracted (see red arrows on picture 3). Gerbers:


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  1. Marius Stanciu

    Hello Alexander,

    It looks like files you provided (very good thinking on your part to give access to them) are in Gerber X2 format. In the up-coming version, v8.995, I have added partial support for the Gerber X2 format and also made enough improvements such that working on your files I got the desired result without any issues.
    Until I make the release of the new version (it’s been in the working for a year now) you could use the sources stored here, but there may be issues and some things are not finished yet:

  2. Александр Комаров reporter

    Marius thank you very much. I spent some time to run Flatcam beta you provided from sources and this version works good for me. I think you know but were is some error messages in TCL shell after substracting gerbers. Substraction works correctly.

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