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Amir Tadros created an issue

Hi Marius,

I remember the old versions of FlatCam there was an option that enable me to make a drill hole 2 mm with 1.5mm bit I don't remember its name.
now I'm using FlatCam 8.994. where to find that option

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  1. Marius Stanciu

    Sorry for the delay but I traveled abroad for a few days and I forgot that Ireland had different mains plugs so I saved my notebook battery for other things.

    Yes you can do the Excellon holes milling in v 8.994 of FlatCAM beta. In the Properties Tab for the Excellon Object, click on the Utilities button. It will unhide the Milling Geometry section. You need to select a Tool in the Excellon Tool Table and that Tool needs to have drills (or slots) in order to enable the corresponding milling fields.

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