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remove useless README file

IMHO that README contains no useful information anymore. Therefore removing it.

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-Christoph Anton Mitterer <> 
-XHTML w/ ECMAscript/Javascript
-This was issue #9 on the GoogleCode page.
-Notes from submission
-Reported by calestyo, Oct 25, 2010
-As far as I can see the source tar-ball does currently not ship a default index website, which would make some sense IMHO, so that fresh installations have one and in order that people have a starting point on how to create their own (if they want).
-The attached index.xhtml would be one with the following "features":
-- valid XHTML 1.1, CSS 2.1
-  therefore depending on issue #6 (
-- tries to use clean and structured HTML as it's indented, no fancy graphics etc.
-- seems to be quite viewable in both graphical and textual browsers
-- uses little CMS and simple JavaScript for better "look and feel", both are however not necessary (e.g. if not implemented by the user agent).
-- scripts are in a seperate files, to allow user agents not supporting them to not load them at all
-- scripts.txt should be named (once issue #6 is resolved)
-- the commented part is indented to be adapted by the sysadmin to their respectvie site... a note on this should be perhaps added to the readme or so.
-- are there further Options/etc. that sks would understand?!
-Change and/or drop the license notes as you like.
-Hope you like,
-Comment 2  by calestyo, Oct 31, 2010
-New versions of the files, adding support for "options=mr", which is however disabled for "op=get" as it's not yet implemented there (see issue #12).
-"exact=on" is not in the website, as it seems to be ignored in sks. The same with "options=nm".
-"clean=on" is not yet in, as I don't understand what it does.