Matthew Marshall committed 53f9e35

Fixed links on summary page.

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     repo = get_object_or_404(Repo, name=reponame, owner__username=username)
     hgrepo = hg.repository(ui.ui(), repo.file_path)
     has_tip = hgrepo.changelog.tip() != '\x00'*20
+    tip_hex = hexlify(hgrepo.changelog.tip())[:12]
     from mercurial.hgweb.hgweb_mod import hgweb
     from mercurial.hgweb.common import style_map
     from mercurial import templater
+            tip_hex=tip_hex,
         ), context_instance=RequestContext(request)


 <div class="page_nav">
     summary |
-    <a href="{{repo.get_absolute_url}}shortlog{sessionvars%urlparameter}">shortlog</a> |
-    <a href="{{repo.get_absolute_url}}log{sessionvars%urlparameter}">changelog</a> |
-    <a href="{{repo.get_absolute_url}}tags{sessionvars%urlparameter}">tags</a> |
-    <a href="{{repo.get_absolute_url}}file/#node|short#{sessionvars%urlparameter}">manifest</a>{% comment %}FIXME: put links to archives here.{% endcomment %}
+    <a href="{{repo.get_absolute_url}}shortlog/">shortlog</a> |
+    <a href="{{repo.get_absolute_url}}log/">changelog</a> |
+    <a href="{{repo.get_absolute_url}}tags/">tags</a> |
+    <a href="{{repo.get_absolute_url}}file/{{tip_hex}}/">manifest</a>{% comment %}FIXME: put links to archives here.{% endcomment %}
      | <a href="{{repo.get_absolute_url}}edit/">edit</a><br/>
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