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Added the `meta` module.

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   *before* the loop.  (#331)
 - Added support for optional `scoped` modifier to blocks.
 - Added support for line-comments.
+- Added the `meta` module.
 Version 2.1.1

File docs/api.rst

     change it in a backwards incompatible way but modifications in the Jinja2
     core may shine through.  For example if Jinja2 introduces a new AST node
     in later versions that may be returned by :meth:`~Environment.parse`.
+The Meta API
+.. versionadded:: 2.2
+The meta API returns some information about abstract syntax trees that
+could help applications to implement more advanced template concepts.  All
+the functions of the meta API operate on an abstract syntax tree as
+returned by the :meth:`Environment.parse` method.
+.. autofunction:: jinja2.meta.find_undeclared_variables
+.. autofunction:: jinja2.meta.find_referenced_templates

File docs/

 # typographically correct entities.
 #html_use_smartypants = True
-# use jinja2 for templates
-template_bridge = 'jinjaext.Jinja2Bridge'
 # no modindex
 html_use_modindex = False

File docs/

-class Jinja2Bridge(TemplateBridge):
-    def init(self, builder):
-        path = builder.config.templates_path
-        self.env = Environment(loader=FileSystemLoader(path))
-    def render(self, template, context):
-        return self.env.get_template(template).render(context)
 _sig_re = re.compile(r'^[a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_]*(\(.*?\))')

File jinja2/

             return result
     def find_all(self, node_type):
-        """Find all the nodes of a given type."""
+        """Find all the nodes of a given type.  If the type is a tuple,
+        the check is performed for any of the tuple items.
+        """
         for child in self.iter_child_nodes():
             if isinstance(child, node_type):
                 yield child