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 - Added support for optional `scoped` modifier to blocks.
 - Added support for line-comments.
 - Added the `meta` module.
+- Renamed (undocumented) attribute overlay to overlayed on the environment
+  because it was clashing with a method of the same name.  The new attribute
+  is called "overlayed".
 Version 2.1.1


 _newline_re = re.compile(r'(?:\r\n|\r|\n)')
-# don't ask....
+# Django stores an itertools object on the cycle node.  Not only is this
+# thread unsafe but also a problem for the converter which needs the raw
+# string values passed to the constructor to create a jinja loop.cycle()
+# call from it.
 _old_cycle_init = core_tags.CycleNode.__init__
 def _fixed_cycle_init(self, cyclevars, variable_name=None):
     self.raw_cycle_vars = map(Variable, cyclevars)


     sandboxed = False
     #: True if the environment is just an overlay
-    overlay = False
+    overlayed = False
     #: the environment this environment is linked to if it is an overlay
     linked_to = None
         rv = object.__new__(self.__class__)
-        rv.overlay = True
+        rv.overlayed = True
         rv.linked_to = self
         for key, value in args.iteritems():
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