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Adhere to nose2 style

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     def test___init__(self):
         """Test the __init__ method."""
-        plug = self.__create()
+        plug = self._create()
         self.assertEqual(plug.extensions, ['.txt', '.rst'])
 >>> 2 == 2
-        txt_event = self.__handle_file('docs.txt', doc_test)
-        rst_event = self.__handle_file('docs.rst', doc_test)
+        txt_event = self._handle_file('docs.txt', doc_test)
+        rst_event = self._handle_file('docs.rst', doc_test)
         # Excercise loading of doctests from Python code
-        py_event = self.__handle_file('', """\
+        py_event = self._handle_file('', """\
 >>> 2 == 2
     def test_handle_file_python_without_doctests(self):
         """Test calling handleFile for a Python module without doctests."""
-        event = self.__handle_file("", """\
+        event = self._handle_file("", """\
 def func():
         self.assertEqual(event.extraTests, [])
-    def __handle_file(self, fpath, content):
+    def _handle_file(self, fpath, content):
         """Have plugin handle a file with certain content.
         The file is created, then a plugin is instantiated and its handleFile
         method is called for the file.
-        plug = self.__create()
+        plug = self._create()
         fh = open(fpath, "wb")
         return event
-    def __create(self):
+    def _create(self):
         """Create a DocTestLoader instance."""
         plug = doctests.DocTestLoader()
         return plug
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