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Added support for nose-style implicit test generators and some other test suite compatibility shims

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-from import hooks, Plugin, addOption
+from import Plugin, addOption
 from unittest import TestSuite
 undefined = object()


+import inspect
+from unittest2 import Plugin
+from import hooks
+class LoaderCompat(Plugin):
+    configSection = 'compat'
+    def pluginsLoaded(self, event):
+        # ensure that my hook call comes first
+        hook = hooks.loadTestsFromModule
+        hook -= self.loadTestsFromModule
+        hook += self.loadTestsFromModule
+    def loadTestsFromModule(self, event):
+        module = event.module
+        # shim to make nose-style implicit generators
+        # and test functions work with moduleloading plugin
+        for attr in dir(module):
+            item = getattr(module, attr, None)
+            if inspect.isfunction(item):
+                if hasattr(item, 'setup'):
+                    item.setUp = item.setup
+                elif hasattr(item, 'setUpFunc'):
+                    item.setUp = item.setUpFunc
+                if hasattr(item, 'teardown'):
+                    item.tearDown = item.teardown
+                elif hasattr(item, 'tearDownFunc'):
+                    item.tearDown = item.tearDownFunc
+                if inspect.isgeneratorfunction(item):
+                    item.testGenerator = True


+        nose2.plugins.loader_compat
+        unittest2.plugins.moduleloading
+always-on = True
+always-on = True
+always-on = True
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