nose3 / NEWS

0.10 is finally final!

The new release of nose, 0.10, marks a major change from the
0.9 series in philosophy and implementation.

Prior to this release, nose was entirely discovery-centric: it would
never run anything that it didn't discover as a test. The test loader
in 0.10 has been completely rewritten so that it still supports
discovery, but also allows directed test loading. In other words,
starting with 0.10, if you tell nose that something is a test, nose
will believe you.

0.10 also includes major changes to the plugin API introduced in
0.9. For the most part these are additive and
backwards-compatible. Plugins now have many new hooks available at all
phases of test loading, running and description. Many features of nose
0.9 that could only be implemented in the core of nose are now
plugins: output capture, assert introspection, support for skipped and
deprecated tests and for dropping into pdb on error or failures. All
of the hooks those plugins use are available for your plugins too, of
course. See the `plugin interface reference`_ or `guide to writing
plugins`_ for more.

There are many other, less user-visible changes under the hood. See for an outline.

This release would have been near-impossible to complete without the
help of John J Lee and new members of the nose development team Kumar
McMillan, Grig Gheorgiu, James Casbon, and Titus Brown. Many thanks to
all of them.

.. _`plugin interface reference`: doc/plugin_interface.html
.. _`guide to writing plugins`: doc/writing_plugins.html