Benjamin Smith avatar Benjamin Smith committed 2e14827

Fix some pep8 badness that I introduced when resolving conflicts

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     :keyword sock: An open socket to the STOMP server.
     def __init__(self, sock=None):
         self.command = None
         self.headers = {}
 class NotConnectedError(Exception):
     """No longer connected to the STOMP server."""
 class ConnectionError(socket.error):
     """Couldn't connect to the STOMP server."""
         self._send_command("COMMIT", conf)
     def abort(self, conf=None):
         """Abort transaction.
         self._send_command("ABORT", conf)
     def unsubscribe(self, conf=None):
         """Unsubscribe from a given destination
         frame = self.frame.send_frame(frame.as_string())
         return frame
     def _send_command(self, command, conf=None, extra=None, **kwargs):
         conf = conf or {}
         extra = extra or {}
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