What is it?

Shorlty said: a collection of user-contributed scripts as well as personal stuff aggregated over time to easy Python coding in Vim.


I tried several tools like any developer. I started with Vim, gave a try to several IDE like Eric, Spyder and so on and came back to Vim. Because it's light and editing is more efficient than with any of these tools.

The main draw back is learning curve. I used to grab some pieces of configuration file over the web. Some proved to be very useful some not. Mainly because of my coding practices; they changed quite drastically over time.



I am relying on external tools for some functions. Here is what you'd need to do on a Debian-based system:

$ > sudo aptitude install exuberant-ctags python-rope python-nose pylint python-rope
$ > sudo pip install ropevim

Install it

The easiest way is to clone the repo:

$ > hg clone ~/.vim
$ > ln -s ~/.vim/vimrc ~/.vimrc