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Issue #1 resolved

Trying to build on OS X

Anonymous created an issue

skelter:cpu jasmuth$ make install cp _obj/cpu.a "/Users/jasmuth/Documents/userland/go/pkg/darwin_amd64/cpu.a" gcc -m64 -fPIC -O2 -o cpu.cgo2.o -c cpu.cgo2.c gcc -m64 -g -c -fPIC -FVw -DDARWIN -DAMD64 cpu.c cpu.c: In function 'cpuid': cpu.c:92: error: PIC register 'ebx' clobbered in 'asm' make: *** [cpu.o] Error 1

Comments (3)

  1. Joseph Poirier repo owner

    It seems that ebx is the pic register on i386 platforms and not on x86_64 - i386 code has been added. Are you cross compiling for a 64-bit target from a 32-bit host? I don't see the error on OS 10.6.4.

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