Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
cmd/cgo: generate definitions for GoSlice Fixes issue 3741. R=golang-dev, rsc CC=golang-dev
Jean-Marc Eurin
misc/emacs: Fix the gofmt patching when the TMPDIR is not the default. The previous code assumed the gofmt output referred to /tmp but that's not true if TMPDIR points somewhere else (like on Macs). Fixes issue 3782. R=sameer CC=golang-dev Committer: Sameer Ajmani <>
Brad Fitzpatrick
net/http: support multiple byte ranges in ServeContent Fixes issue 3784 R=golang-dev, adg CC=golang-dev
Andrey Mirtchovski
net/http: Fix a verb-tense mismatch and a typo in documentation. R=bradfitz CC=golang-dev Committer: Brad Fitzpatrick <>
Robert Griesemer
go/parser: minor internal cleanups R=golang-dev, r CC=golang-dev
Robert Griesemer
go spec: clean up section on selectors - point out difference between selectors and qualified identifiers - differentiate between illegal selectors and run-time panics - use "indirect" as opposed to "dereference" consistently - add extra links Fixes issue 3779. R=r, rsc, iant, ken CC=golang-dev
Han-Wen Nienhuys
path/filepath: add test case for rooted ".." R=golang-dev, r CC=golang-dev Committer: Rob Pike <>
Joseph Poirier
syscall: add missing argument type And update implementation location comment. R=golang-dev, alex.brainman CC=golang-dev
image/jpeg: support for reading 4:4:0 subsampling. Updates issue 2362. R=nigeltao CC=golang-dev Committer: Nigel Tao <>
Russ Cox
runtime: fix string optimization R=golang-dev, r CC=golang-dev
Russ Cox
runtime: avoid allocation for "" + x + "" R=golang-dev, r CC=golang-dev
Russ Cox
net: fix build (FreeBSD sendfile) TBR=bradfitz CC=golang-dev
Russ Cox
path/filepath: avoid allocation in Clean of cleaned path Alternative to Fixes issue 3681. R=golang-dev, r, hanwen, iant CC=golang-dev
Dmitriy Vyukov
runtime: add goroutine creation benchmark Current results on 2 core darwin/amd64: BenchmarkGoroutineChain 351 ns/op BenchmarkGoroutineChain-2 3840 ns/op BenchmarkGoroutineChain-4 4040 ns/op BenchmarkConcGoroutineChain 350 ns/op BenchmarkConcGoroutineChain-2 875 ns/op BenchmarkConcGoroutineChain-4 2027 ns/op R=r, rsc CC=golang-dev
Robert Griesemer
go spec: clean up use of QualifiedIdent production. Fixes issue 3763. R=r, rsc, iant, ken CC=golang-dev
Russ Cox
syscall: fix build I missed the API change in the last FreeBSD CL, but the tool caught it. TBR=bradfitz CC=golang-dev
Patrick Mylund Nielsen
net/http: provide access to POST-only form values Fixes issue 3630. R=rsc CC=bradfitz, dsymonds, golang-dev, rodrigo.moraes Committer: Russ Cox <>
L Campbell
syscall, net: sendfile for FreeBSD R=golang-dev, rsc, bradfitz, devon.odell CC=golang-dev Committer: Russ Cox <>
Russ Cox
A+C: L Campbell (individual CLA) Guess I was wrong about being done for the day. R=golang-dev, r CC=golang-dev, unpantsu
Rob Pike
fmt: set p.field before nil check Fixes issue 3752. R=golang-dev, rsc CC=golang-dev
Dave Cheney
runtime: add arm soft division and modulo benchmarks arm soft div and mod performance plays an important part in runtime performance. The currently implementation is very stable, but we believe we can best it. This benchmark provides a reference point. linux/arm omap4 pandaboard BenchmarkUint32Div7 10000000 298 ns/op BenchmarkUint32Div37 10000000 298 ns/op BenchmarkUint32Div123 10000000 298 ns/op…
Andrew Gerrand
doc: drop video title from homepage It's just stutter. R=golang-dev, dsymonds, r CC=golang-dev
Jonathan Gold
encoding/json: add Number type Number represents the actual JSON text, preserving the precision and formatting of the original input. R=rsc, iant CC=golang-dev Committer: Russ Cox <>
Russ Cox
A+C: Jonathan Gold (individual CLA) This is my last one for today, I hope! R=golang-dev, bradfitz CC=golang-dev
Michael Stapelberg
net: fix lookup of AAAA-only hosts without cgo Fixes issue 3762. R=rsc CC=golang-dev Committer: Russ Cox <>
Russ Cox
A+C: add Michael Stapelberg (individual CLA) R=golang-dev, bradfitz CC=golang-dev
Pieter Droogendijk
go/build: fix doc typo go/build section "Build Constraints", first paragraph said: "... they must be appear near the top of the file ..." fixed to: "... they must appear near the top of the file ..." R=golang-dev, rsc CC=golang-dev Committer: Russ Cox <>
misc/chrome/gophertool: Support for manifest version 1 is being phased out. Manifest version 1 was deprecated in Chrome 18, and support will be phased out according to the schedule available at: R=golang-dev, rsc CC=golang-dev Committer: Russ Cox <>
encoding/base32, encoding/base64: removed unneeded break label R=golang-dev, rsc CC=golang-dev Committer: Russ Cox <>
Russ Cox
A+C: Amir Mohammad Saied, Thomas Alan Copeland (both individual CLA) R=golang-dev, bradfitz CC=golang-dev
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