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Default avatar Andrew Gerrand
Default avatar Robert Griesemer
sync: fix typo in documentation
Default avatar Kai Backman
Fix a deadlock bug in the rpc client. The panic will trigger
Default avatar Rob Pike
netchan: fix locking bug.
Default avatar Robert Griesemer
go/scanner: removed scanner/internal-only uses of token.Position
Default avatar Rob Pike
Effective Go: append and a few words about ...
Default avatar Rob Pike
test/ken/convert.go: add conversion torture test
brainman avatarbrainman
8l: pe generation fixes
Default avatar Robert Griesemer
fix build
Default avatar Brad Fitzpatrick
Use strings.Contains in src/cmd/...
Default avatar Robert Griesemer
go/printer: do not remove parens around composite literals starting with a type name in control clauses
Default avatar Robert Griesemer
go/ast: add Inspect function for easy AST inspection w/o a visitor
vcc avatarvcc
debug/pe, cgo: add windows support
Default avatar Brad Fitzpatrick
strings: Contains
Default avatar Rob Pike
gotest: if the benchmark list is empty, print it in a way that
fullung avatarfullung
syscall: SIO constants for Linux
Fazlul Shahriar avatarFazlul Shahriar
codereview: fix 'hg sync' and 'hg download' in Python 2.7
rogpeppe avatarrogpeppe
testing: add Benchmark to allow benchmarks to be run without gotest.
Default avatar Michael Hoisie
http server: don't send trailing '0' for chunked encoding when responding with 304 NotModified
Default avatar Russ Cox
build: fiddle with make variables
Anthony Martin avatarAnthony Martin
libutf: update to Unicode 5.2.0 to match pkg/unicode
Default avatar Evan Shaw
6a/6l: fix MOVOU encoding
Default avatar Robert Griesemer
go/scanner: don't accept '\x0g' character escape (bug fix)
Default avatar Rob Pike
gob: documentation. this time for sure.
Default avatar Rob Pike
mkrunetype: install a Makefile and tweak it slightly so it can be built.
Default avatar Rob Pike
gob: update documentation about wire format for interfaces.
Default avatar Rob Pike
gob: several fixes.
Default avatar Evan Shaw
kate: update for append
Default avatar Evan Shaw
pidigits: Remove TODO, minor improvements
brainman avatarbrainman
syscall: fix windows build
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