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Andrew Gerrand
weekly.2011-12-02 R=golang-dev, rsc CC=golang-dev
Robert Griesemer
go/doc: better headscan - scan all comments not just the package documentation - declutter output so that false positives are more easily spotted - count the number of headings to quickly see differences - minor tweaks R=golang-dev, r, r CC=golang-dev
Rob Pike
time: update doc string for Error method Fixes issue 2512. R=golang-dev, gri CC=golang-dev
Gustavo Niemeyer
os: add ModeType constant to mask file type bits This covers the lack of IsRegular comfortably: if stat.Mode()&os.ModeType == 0 { ... } R=golang-dev, r, rsc, r, gustavo CC=golang-dev
Brad Fitzpatrick
os: be consistent with receiver names for godoc TOC alignment R=golang-dev, r CC=golang-dev
gustav paul
exp/ssh: export type signal. Renamed to Signal R=dave, agl, rsc, golang-dev, n13m3y3r CC=golang-dev Committer: Adam Langley <>
Russ Cox
gofix: add time+fileinfo fix R=adg, rogpeppe, r, cw CC=golang-dev
Volker Dobler
go/doc: Detect headings in comments and format them as h3 in html. To structure larger sections of comments in html output headings are detected in comments and formated as h3 in the generated html. A simple heuristic is used to detect headings in comments: A heading is a non-blank, non-indented line preceded by a blank line. It is followed by a blank and a non-blank, non-indented line. A heading must start with an uppercase letter and end with a letter, digit or…
crypto/tls: cleanup certificate load on windows - correct syscall.CertEnumCertificatesInStore so it returns error - remove "reflect" dependency R=hectorchu, agl, rsc CC=golang-dev, krautz Committer: Adam Langley <>
Adam Langley
Add a []byte argument to hash.Hash to allow an allocation to be saved. This is the result of running `gofix -r hashsum` over the tree, changing the hash function implementations by hand and then fixing a couple of instances where gofix didn't catch something. The changed implementations are as simple as possible while still working: I'm not trying to optimise in this CL. R=rsc, cw, rogpeppe CC=golang-dev
Adam Langley
gofix: add a fix for hash.Sum. This fix adds an output argument to hash.Sum. Tree changes in R=rsc CC=golang-dev
Rob Pike
text/template: replace Add with AddParseTree Makes it clear we're adding exactly one tree and creating a new template for it. R=rsc CC=golang-dev
Luuk van Dijk
gc: avoid re-genning ninit in branches involving float comparison. R=rsc CC=golang-dev
Dave Cheney
exp/ssh: add Std{in,out,err}Pipe methods to Session R=gustav.paul, cw, agl, rsc, n13m3y3r CC=golang-dev Committer: Gustavo Niemeyer <>
dashboard: don't choke on weird builder names. R=adg CC=golang-dev
Andrew Gerrand
tag weekly.2011-12-01 R=r CC=golang-dev
Andrew Gerrand
weekly.2011-12-01 R=golang-dev, r CC=golang-dev
time: fix windows build R=rsc CC=golang-dev
Rob Pike
html/template: make execution thread-safe The problem is that execution can modify the template, so it needs interlocking to have the same thread-safe guarantee as text/template. Fixes issue 2439. R=golang-dev, adg CC=golang-dev
Andrew Balholm
html: implement fragment parsing algorithm Pass the tests in tests4.dat. R=nigeltao CC=golang-dev Committer: Nigel Tao <>
Joel Sing
syscall: fix openbsd sysctl hostname/domainname workaround Fixes issue 2509. R=golang-dev, adg CC=golang-dev Committer: Andrew Gerrand <>
Rob Pike
html/template: update to new template API Not quite done yet but enough is here to review. Embedding is eliminated so clients can't accidentally reach methods of text/template.Template that would break the invariants. TODO later: Add and Clone are unimplemented. TODO later: address issue 2349 R=golang-dev, r, rsc CC=golang-dev Committer: Russ Cox <>
Dave Cheney
undo CL 5436056 / 03560deae933 Remove the accidentally exported net.Listener ««« original CL description exp/ssh: remove unused forwarding methods in Server Listener R=agl, rsc CC=golang-dev Committer: Adam Langley <> »»» R=agl, rsc CC=golang-dev Committer: Russ Cox <>
Ian Lance Taylor
ld: align ELF data sections fixes issue 2506 R=rsc, iant CC=golang-dev
Russ Cox
time: fix windows build TBR=brainman CC=golang-dev
Charles L. Dorian
math: faster Sincos Sincos via sincos.go is 35.4 ns/op, via sincos_amd64.s is 37.4 ns/op on 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (Mac OS X). R=rsc, golang-dev CC=golang-dev Committer: Russ Cox <>
Russ Cox
os: fix path/filepath test on Windows This is not the right fix, but it is what used to happen before the FileInfo conversion, and it should get the build working again (at least that part). TBR=brainman CC=golang-dev
Russ Cox
encoding/asn1: fix test on OpenBSD time.Parse uses time.Local if it has the right zone offset, otherwise it calls time.FixedZone. The test's use of reflect.DeepEqual meant that the test expected time.FixedZone always, failing when the local time zone really would have used -0700 for that time. The fix is to format the time to display only the pieces we intend to test. R=golang-dev, agl, iant CC=golang-dev http://codereview.appsp…
Russ Cox
os: fix windows build TBR=brainman CC=golang-dev
math/big: fix destination leak into result value This code would panic: z := big.NewInt(1) z.SetBit(big.NewInt(0), 2, 1) if z.Cmp(big.NewInt(1<<2)) != 0 { panic("fail") } R=rsc, gri CC=golang-dev Committer: Robert Griesemer <>
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