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Joseph Tate  committed 8b4a6dd

Use an arbitrary high port (54583) instead of a common lower port (8080) for running tests

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File cherrypy/test/benchmark.py

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     --notests:     start the server but do not run the tests; this allows
                    you to check the tested pages with a browser
     --help:        show this help message
-    --cpmodpy:     run tests via apache on 8080 (with the builtin _cpmodpy)
-    --modpython:   run tests via apache on 8080 (with modpython_gateway)
+    --cpmodpy:     run tests via apache on 54583 (with the builtin _cpmodpy)
+    --modpython:   run tests via apache on 54583 (with modpython_gateway)
     --ab=path:     Use the ab script/executable at 'path' (see below)
     --apache=path: Use the apache script/exe at 'path' (see below)
     'log.error.file': '',
     'environment': 'production',
     'server.socket_host': '',
-    'server.socket_port': 8080,
+    'server.socket_port': 54583,
     'server.max_request_header_size': 0,
     'server.max_request_body_size': 0,
     'engine.deadlock_poll_freq': 0,
 Server Software:        CherryPy/3.1beta
 Server Hostname:
-Server Port:            8080
+Server Port:            54583
 Document Path:          /static/index.html
 Document Length:        14 bytes
         pyopts.append(("wsgi.application", "cherrypy::tree"))
         pyopts.append(("wsgi.startup", "cherrypy.test.benchmark::startup_modpython"))
         handler = "modpython_gateway::handler"
-        s = s(port=8080, opts=pyopts, apache_path=APACHE_PATH, handler=handler)
+        s = s(port=54583, opts=pyopts, apache_path=APACHE_PATH, handler=handler)
         pyopts.append(("cherrypy.setup", "cherrypy.test.benchmark::startup_modpython"))
-        s = s(port=8080, opts=pyopts, apache_path=APACHE_PATH)
+        s = s(port=54583, opts=pyopts, apache_path=APACHE_PATH)

File cherrypy/test/helper.py

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         conf = {
             'scheme': 'http',
             'protocol': "HTTP/1.1",
-            'port': 8080,
+            'port': 54583,
             'host': '',
             'validate': False,
             'conquer': False,

File cherrypy/test/test_mime.py

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             ('Content-Type', 'multipart/form-data; '
             ('User-Agent', 'Shockwave Flash'),
-            ('Host', 'www.example.com:8080'),
+            ('Host', 'www.example.com:54583'),
             ('Content-Length', '499'),
             ('Connection', 'Keep-Alive'),
             ('Cache-Control', 'no-cache'),