SunnyWebBox - RPC with Python


**This software is not much tested and should be used with care!**

The `Sunny WebBox`_ (made by SMA Solar Technology) is a monitoring system for 
solar plants which offers RPC (remote procedure calls) to access the data of 
the box. These calls are made of JSON objects which are transported by HTTP
or a UDP stream.

This python module provides a classes that can be used to communicate with a 
Sunny WebBox. You can use the classes SunnyWebBoxHTTP and SunnyWebBoxUDPStream 
in your own code. 

A small sample program is used if you run the module as a script. The hostname 
or address must be provided as a parameter.

    Example: python
Use the --help switch to learn about options for the udp mode and password.

There's not much documentation yet. You should try to read and understand the 
code of the classes and the sample program to get an idea of the data 

The RPC API is documented here (well, kind of...):

The HTTP version is more reliable but may be slower and has more overhead. 
UDP will not work behind routers, firewalls and NAT devices unless you 
configure port forwarding. The UDP packets may get big for some requests which 
may cause problems.

License and Author

License: `BSD License`_

Author:  Joerg Raedler

.. _`Sunny WebBox`:
.. _`BSD License`: