Twitter Analyzer

Helps you find positive tweets about your brand!


npm install

Run in browser

grunt serve

Visit in browser @ http://localhost:9000/

Running Tests

grunt test

What's next:

  • Unit tests
  • Remove global $scope usage, should refactor to individual directives with isolate scope
    • Login/User directive
    • Search directive
  • Break service.js in to services for each API
    • Twitter
    • Indico
  • Code review sentimentSearch to ensure deferred promise chain implemented appropriately
  • Better ordering capability (rewrite findTopIndexes())
  • URI encoding for twitter search terms
  • Fix bug where user is not aware they're authentication is no longer valid
  • Fix bug where results from Twitter with low count somehow only rendering 2 'bestTweets'
  • Fields and attrs to allow user to enter # of positive tweets to view, or to select different kinds of analysis
    • Political
    • Emotional
    • Relevance
  • Add instructions for search term refinement
  • Improve display of on-screen tweets
  • Extract logging to service, remove excess