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changelog entries, fix long lines

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 - Python 3 lexer: add new exceptions from PEP 3151.
+- Opa lexer: add new keywords (PR#170).
+- Julia lexer: add keywords and underscore-separated number
+  literals (PR#176).
 Version 1.6


     # but if you color only real keywords, you might just
     # as well not color anything
     keywords = [
-        'and', 'as', 'begin', 'case', 'client', 'css', 'database', 'db', 'do', 'else', 'end',
-        'external', 'forall', 'function', 'if', 'import', 'match', 'module', 'or', 'package', 'parser',
-        'rec', 'server', 'then', 'type', 'val', 'with', 'xml_parser',
+        'and', 'as', 'begin', 'case', 'client', 'css', 'database', 'db', 'do',
+        'else', 'end', 'external', 'forall', 'function', 'if', 'import',
+        'match', 'module', 'or', 'package', 'parser', 'rec', 'server', 'then',
+        'type', 'val', 'with', 'xml_parser',
     # matches both stuff and `stuff`