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Even Wiik Thomassen  committed 2af832d

Fix as PyPyLogs can contain nested builtin names.

This line from an example pypylog shows the problem:
+314: p39 = getinteriorfield_gc(p38, i34,
descr=<InteriorFieldDescr <FieldP dictentry.value 4>>)

Fix was to simply modify the regex to consume one or more '>'
instead of only one.

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             (r"-?\d+", Number.Integer),
             (r"'.*'", String),
             (r"(None|descr|ConstClass|ConstPtr|TargetToken)", Name),
-            (r"<.*?>", Name.Builtin),
+            (r"<.*?>+", Name.Builtin),
             (r"(label|debug_merge_point|jump|finish)", Name.Class),