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This plugin makes it possible to turn the subscribers of a Pebble blog into a
mailing list.  This may be useful if you have things that you want to tell your
subscribers that you don't want permanently recorded on your blog.


Simply run `mvn package`.  You can also download a pre built jar file from


Simply drop the `pebble-mailing-list-plugin-<version>.jar` file into your Pebble
installations `WEB-INF/lib` directory.  It requires at least Pebble 2.6 to work.


The URL for composing emails is `<blogurl>/composeEmail.secureaction`.  I
suggest adding a sidebar item to your theme, something like this:

        <div class="sidebarItem">
            <div class="sidebarItemTitle">Mailing List</div>
            <div class="sidebarItemBody">
                <a href="composeEmail.secureaction">Compose Email</a>


Load the pom.xml in your favourite IDE, and start coding.  You can run the plugin
in a development Pebble instance by running `mvn -Prun`.