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Rule when PHP is having disk space issues and fix for PIX rule (by kristianpaul)

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File etc/decoder.xml

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   <prematch offset="after_parent">^6-106015</prematch>
-  <regex offset="after_parent">^(\S+): (\w+) (\w+) \S+ \S+ (\S+) from </regex>
+  <regex offset="after_parent">^(\S+): (\w+) (\w+) \S+ \S+ from </regex>
   <regex>(\S+)/(\S+) to (\S+)/(\S+)</regex>
   <order>id, action, protocol, srcip, srcport, dstip, dstport</order>

File etc/rules/php_rules.xml

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+  <rule id="31413" level="5" ignore="1200">
+    <if_sid>31410</if_sid>
+    <match>bytes written, possibly out of free disk space in</match>
+    <description>PHP internal error (server out of space).</description>
+    <options>alert_by_email</options>
+    <group>low_diskspace,</group>
+  </rule>
   <!-- PHP Fatal errors