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Copyright (c) 2006-2008 Daniel B. Cid <>

1- How to install.

1.0 - Prerequisites

    - Apache with PHP (>= 4.1 or >= 5.0) installed.
    - OSSEC (version >= 0.9-3) already installed.

1.1- Download the web ui package:

    # wget

1.2- Uncompress/untar and move the files to somewhere acessible by
     your web server:

    # tar -zxvf ossec-wui-0.3.tar.gz
    # mv ossec-wui* /var/www/htdocs/ossec-wui

1.3- Run the setup script

    # cd /var/www/htdocs/ossec-wui
    # ./

1.4- Add your web server user to the ossec group:

    # vi /etc/group
    To (if your web server user is www):

1.5- If you have a large ossec install, you may want to
     re-configure PHP to support longer lasting scripts
     and higher memory utilization. The following entries
     on php.ini can be increased:
     max_execution_time = 180
     max_input_time = 180
     memory_limit = 30M
1.6- Try to access the UI.

1.7- Report any problems or suggestions to our mailing list.     


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