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                 <para>Specifying dozens of extensions on the command line can be exceedingly
                     tedious. Therefore, the system can be instructed to read a list of extensions
-                    from a file with this option. The file should be a plain text file, where each
-                    extension is specified on a single line.</para>
+                    from a file with this option. <link xlink:href="Extension Files">The format is
+                        fairly simple</link>, but it does have an inclusion mechanism to include
+                    other extension files.</para>
                 <para>This argument can be specified multiple times. It is fine to specify an
                     extension name more than once, either in the file or on the command line.</para>
                 <para>The file's directory is relative to the path where the command line was
                 <para>Works like <literal>extfile</literal>, except that the directory for the file
-                    is relative to the place where the <filename>LoadGen.lua</filename> file
-                    is.</para>
+                    is relative to the place where the <filename>LoadGen.lua</filename> file is.
+                    These are used primarily for working with <link
+                        xlink:href="Common_Extension_Files">the library of common extension
+                        files</link>.</para>

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             <para>A <literal>#include &lt;></literal> statement. This will cause the loading of
                 another extension file named in the <literal>&lt;></literal>s. The location of the
                 glLoadGen will be used for the base directory of any relative paths. This is mostly
-                intended to allow easy inclusion of the standard extension files, located in the
-                    <filename>extfiles</filename> directory. Therefore, </para>
+                intended to allow easy inclusion of the <link xlink:href="Common_Extension_Files"
+                    >standard extension files</link>, located in the <filename>extfiles</filename>
+                directory.</para>
             <para>Anything starting with <literal>//</literal> will be ignored as a comment.</para>
     <para>Note that the system will cull out duplicates, so don't worry too much about putting the
         same name in multiple times. The system will also error out if type an extension that
         doesn't exist.</para>
+    <para>What the system will not do is handle <emphasis>infinite recursion.</emphasis> You could
+        include a file that includes itself ad-infinitum, and the system will just stack-overflow.
+        And there are no include-guards to cover this case; you are expected to deal with such
+        inclusion yourself.</para>