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-This directory contains skeleton code as a starting point for assignment2 of COS 426. 
-There are several files, but you should mainly change src/raytrace.cpp.
-  src/ - Directory with source code
-    Makefile - Same as Makefile.mac.
-    Makefile.mac - Mac makefile for building the project with "make". 
-    Makefile.linux - Linux makefile for building the project with "make". 
-    Makefile.cygwin - Cygwin makefile for building the project with "make". 
-    raypro.[vcproj/sln] - Project file for compiling raypro in Visual Studio on Windows
-    rayview.[vcproj/sln] - Project file for compiling rayview in Visual Studio on Windows
-    raypro.cpp - Batch program for ray tracing, reads a scene and generates an image
-    rayview.cpp - Interactive program for viewing scenes
-    raytrace.cpp - Main ray tracing functions (this is the file you will edit)
-    R3Scene.[cpp/h] - Class used for reading and storing scenes to be ray traced.
-    R2/ - A library of useful 2D geometric primitives (includes R2Image and R2Pixel)
-    R3/ - A library of useful 3D geometric primitives (includes R3Mesh)
-    jpeg/ - A library for reading/writing JPEG files
-  input/ - Contains example input scenes. 
-  output/ - Is empty to start -- it will contain the images produced by your program
-  art/ - Empty to start -- it will (optionally) contain movies and art contest submissions produced by your program
-  runme.bat - a script (for Windows) that you will edit with commands to demonstrate execution of your program
- - same as <code>runme.bat</code>, but for Mac OS X or linux
-  Makefile - similar to <code>runme.bat</code>, but only makes output if missing or out-of-date
-  writeup.html - a skeleton HTML file that you can use as a basis for your writeup 
+  This is a tribute to Minecraft written in OpenGL and C++. As of right now, 
+  it is still very much a work in progress. Some optimizations are in place, 
+  but the performance may not be great on all machines. This has been actively
+  developed on Linux but it should correctly work under Windows and Mac OS as
+  well (except for audio at the moment..).
-If you are developing on a Windows machine and have Visual Studio
-installed, use the provided project solution files (src/raypro.sln and
-src/rayview.sln) to build the program. If you are developing on a Mac, 
-cd into the src/ directory and type "make".  If you are developing on 
-a Linux machine, cd into the src/ directory, then type "cp Makefile.linux 
-Makefile" and then you can type "make" to compile the programs.  In any
-case, executables called raypro and rayview (or raypro.exe and rayview.exe) 
-will be created in the src/ directory.
+  In Linux:
+	$ cd src/
+	$ make
+  In Linux:
+	$ src/minecraft path/to/world/data [default: world/test.scn]