This is a desktop client for Google Tasks that runs in the command line. It provides a fast way to interface with all task lists of a user and make changes and updates very quickly. This program has been designed to make as few API calls as possible in order to optimize performance.


Requires Python 2.7, the GNU Readline library (sudo easy_install readline), and the Google API client for Python.


Quick Mode

Common Operations

  • Adding a task (a):

    $ python a --title "Title of task" --date "5/14/11" --note "This is a note." --parent "Parent task name"


    $ python a -t "Title of task" -d "5/14/11" -n"This is a note." - "Parent task name"

    All of the above fields are optional except for the title and can appear in any order.

  • Removing a task and its children (r):

    $ python r --title "Title of task"


    $ python r -t "Title of task"

  • Toggling a task and its children (t):

    $ python t --title "Title of task"


    $ python t -t "Title of task"

  • Listing all tasks (l):

    $ python l

Note: The task list can be printed after the execution of the operation by adding a (--list) or (-l) flag to the command.

Normal Mode

$ python

Tab Completion

Then follow the on-screen instruction. Tab-completion is supported, so you can type the beginning of an existing task name. For example:

Name of task: Lea<TAB>

If there is more than one match, all matches will be listed on the second tab:

Name of task: Lea<TAB><TAB>
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Otherwise, the task name will be filled in.

Partial String Searching

In addition, Tasky also support partial string searching, so you can type just any consecutive portion of any task name when searching for it. All of the matched results will be displayed and you can specify the number for the result you desire.