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Provides a template for a Disk And Execution MONitor (Daemon) with parameters and logging options. Its main purpose is to be used as a starting point when creating Linux daemons in Python.

It has a number of configurable parameters, such as:

  • Working directory (set by default to the root "/" directory).
  • File creation mode mask (set by default to 0022).
  • Number of file descriptors to close when daemonizing (set to 1024 by default).


  • Strictly abides by the UNIX standards when daemonizing.
  • Standard I/O streams are redirected to /dev/null.
  • Logs to the console when not in daemon mode (useful to debug).
  • Logs to a file when in daemon mode (useful when in production).
  • Allows the creation of a new log file or appending to an existing one.
  • Allows the creation of a pidfile, which is deleted upon termination.
  • Captures a number of signals:
    • SIGINT. Closes log file and terminates. Useful when sending output to the console while debugging.
    • SIGTERM. Closes the log file and terminates. Useful when you want to terminate in a controlled manner.
    • SIGHUP. Reopens the log file descriptor. Useful when rotating log files.
  • Allows to set verbose and debug modes, used when logging.
  • Does a number of checks regarding the received options (such as not going into daemon mode without a log file).
  • Has a dummy loop that sends the uptime to the log.


This is an example usage to run it not in daemon mode (for developing and debugging):

python --debug

And this is an example usage to run it in daemon mode:

python --verbose --daemon --logfile=/path/to/mydaemon.log --pidfile=/path/to/

Or you could also do this:

python --verbose --daemon --workdir=/path/to/ --logfile=mydaemon.log


This daemon was developed by Isaac Jurado and Jaume Sabater while working at eConcept Consulting as a proof of concept. If it is useful to you, please let us know. If you made any modifications worth something (for instance, make it bind to an address and a port), please contribute it back so more people can benefit from it.