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The font is orphaned. Feci quod potui, faciant meliora potentes.

Please feel free to fork and improve. Some potentially useful SVG files are available at

The present version of the font is available at

The goal was to create a replika of the font used in 1907 Łoś' edition of Parkosz's treatise, cf.

The intention was to use it for the experimental edition but finally I decided to use transliteration for the primary version of the edition. Using the font is still possible if needed, as the LuaLaTeX source of the edition is available in the repository mentioned above.

A paper in Polish, which describes various aspects of the editon, is under preparation - please contact me if you want to have a look.

An earlier approach was to create a cursive font for Kucała's edition of Parkosz's treatise. Cf.

and e.g.

For some time I considered it deprecated, but now I think the cursive font would be more appropriate (but the allocation has to be adjusted), as the original was hand-written.

The best scans of original for the time being (July 2018) are available at

Due to some technical problem with BitBucket the repository has been mirrored at

(but it is not synchronized systematically).

You may consult also