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added support for zero width joiner and zero width non-joiner in Combining Character Seqs

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 def print_version():
     print os.path.basename(sys.argv[0]) + " v0.1"
+def is_combining(unichr, more_combinings = (unicodedata.lookup('zero width joiner'), unicodedata.lookup('zero width non-joiner'))):
+    return unichr in more_combinings or unicodedata.category(unichr)[0] == 'M'
 def run(options, args):
     if options.version:
         return print_version()
             i += 1
             # glue with next unichr if it's a Combining Character
-            # TODO support zero width joiner, or zero width non-joiner
-            while i != len(line) and unicodedata.category(line[i])[0] == 'M':
+            while i != len(line) and is_combining(line[i]):
                 unichr += line[i]
                 i += 1
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