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AutoCode is a flexible tool to autogenerate a model from an existing database.

This is a slightly different approach to SqlSoup, that lets you use tables without explicitly defining them.

Current Maintainer:

Chris Perkins (percious) E-mail: chris@percious.com

Simon Pamies (spamsch) E-Mail: s.pamies at banality dot de


Paul Johnson (original author)

Christophe de Vienne (cdevienne) E-Mail: cdevienne at gmail dot com

Svilen Dobrev (sdobrev) E-Mail: svilen_dobrev at users point sourceforge dot net


MIT see license.txt


sqlalchemy 0.6+


Call sqlautocode.py --help for a list of available self explaining options.

Example: sqlautocode.py -o model.py -u postgres://postgres:user@password/MyDatabase -s myschema -t Person*,Download


  • Generate ActiveMapper / Elixir model

Notes (random):

ATT: sqlautocode currently does not handle function indexes well. It generates code not understood by sqlalchemy.

(old) metadata stuff from: http://sqlzoo.cn/howto/source/z.dir/tip137084/i12meta.xml