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Hi there! You've just downloaded yt, an analysis tool for scientific datasets, generated on a variety of data platforms. It's written in python and heavily leverages both NumPy and Matplotlib for fast arrays and visualization, respectively.

Full documentation and a user community can be found at:

If you have used Python before, and are comfortable with installing packages, you should find the script fairly straightforward: simply execute "python install".

If you would rather a more automated installation, you can use the script doc/ . You will have to set the destination directory, and there are options available, but it should be straightforward.

For more information on installation, what to do if you run into problems, or ways to help development, please visit our website.


Recent activity

J.S. Oishi

J.S. Oishi pushed 1 commit to jsoishi/yt

e9b8590 - fixed region to not attach to the object and instead allow it to be passed in.
J.S. Oishi

J.S. Oishi pushed 562 commits to jsoishi/yt

8f660c5 - merged.
acee0c1 - corrected a few field_info --> _get_field_info() in thetransfer function helper and camera
135d910 - Only interpret save string as a directory if it is not the dataset name.
c690a3e - Removed conditions from the HDF5 version that are not needed when the enzo module is used.
ea98f4f - Ported _read_particle_coords() and _read_particle_fields() to IOHandlerInMemory
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