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Jeff Sparkes  committed 4760d76

Receive button release events by workaround.

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+2013-12-16  Jeff Sparkes  <jsparkes@gmail.com>
+	* gtk-xemacs.c (gtk_xemacs_new): Request button release events,
+	although it doesn't seem to work.
+	* frame-gtk.c (gtk_create_widgets): Request all events from the
+	shell as a workaround for missing button release events.
 2013-12-04  Jeff Sparkes  <jsparkes@gmail.com>
 	* gtk-xemacs.c (gtk_xemacs_size_request): Get preferred height and

File src/frame-gtk.c

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   /* Let's make sure we get all the events we can */
   gtk_widget_add_events (shell, GDK_ALL_EVENTS_MASK);
+  /* This give us button release in the XEmacs widget. */
+  gtk_widget_add_events (text, GDK_ALL_EVENTS_MASK);
   if (shell != container)
     gtk_container_add (GTK_CONTAINER (shell), container);

File src/gtk-xemacs.c

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   xemacs = GTK_XEMACS (g_object_new (GTK_TYPE_XEMACS, NULL));
   gtk_widget_set_has_window (GTK_WIDGET (xemacs), TRUE);
   xemacs->f = f;
+  gtk_widget_add_events (xemacs, GDK_BUTTON_RELEASE);
   return GTK_WIDGET (xemacs);