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Added documentation for spruce colortheme. Removed 'the' from MIT (English fixup)

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-  The theme is based on the colors of the MIT's mascot, a beaver.
+  The theme is based on the colors of MIT's mascot, a beaver.
   \themeauthor Madhusudan Singh.
+  The theme is based on the the colors of Michigan State University.
+  \themeauthor Alan Munn.
 \subsubsection{Inner Color Themes}
 Inner color themes only specify the colors of elements used in inner themes. Most noticably, they specify the colors used for blocks. They can be used together with other (color) themes. If they are used to change the inner colors installed by a presentation theme or another color theme, they should obviously be specified \emph{after} the other theme has been loaded. Inner color themes happen to have flower names.