mpi3-fortran / ompi / mca / btl / wv / btl_wv_proc.h

 * Copyright (c) 2004-2005 The Trustees of Indiana University and Indiana
 *                         University Research and Technology
 *                         Corporation.  All rights reserved.
 * Copyright (c) 2004-2006 The University of Tennessee and The University
 *                         of Tennessee Research Foundation.  All rights
 *                         reserved.
 * Copyright (c) 2004-2005 High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart,
 *                         University of Stuttgart.  All rights reserved.
 * Copyright (c) 2004-2005 The Regents of the University of California.
 *                         All rights reserved.
 * Copyright (c) 2006-2007 Voltaire All rights reserved.
 * Copyright (c) 2008      Cisco Systems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
 * Additional copyrights may follow


#include "opal/class/opal_object.h"
#include "ompi/proc/proc.h"
#include "btl_wv.h"
#include "btl_wv_endpoint.h"


/* Must forward reference this to avoid include file loop */
struct ompi_btl_wv_connect_base_module_data_t;

 * Data received from the modex.  For each wv BTL module/port in
 * the peer, we'll receive two things:
 * 1. Data about the peer's port
 * 2. An array of CPCs that the peer has available on that port, each
 *    of which has its own meta data
 * Hence, these two items need to be bundled together;
typedef struct mca_btl_wv_proc_modex_t {
    /** Information about the peer's port */
    mca_btl_wv_modex_message_t pm_port_info;

    /** Array of the peer's CPCs available on this port */
    ompi_btl_wv_connect_base_module_data_t *pm_cpc_data;
    /** Length of the pm_cpc_data array */
    uint8_t pm_cpc_data_count;
} mca_btl_wv_proc_modex_t;

 * Represents the state of a remote process and the set of addresses
 * that it exports. Also cache an instance of mca_btl_base_endpoint_t for
 * each
 * BTL instance that attempts to open a connection to the process.
struct mca_btl_wv_proc_t {
    /** allow proc to be placed on a list */
    opal_list_item_t super;

    /** pointer to corresponding ompi_proc_t */
    ompi_proc_t *proc_ompi;

    /** globally unique identifier for the process */
    ompi_process_name_t proc_guid;

    /** modex messages from this proc; one for each port in the peer */
    mca_btl_wv_proc_modex_t *proc_ports;

    /** length of proc_ports array */
    uint8_t proc_port_count;

    /** array of endpoints that have been created to access this proc */
    struct mca_btl_base_endpoint_t **proc_endpoints;

    /** number of endpoints (length of proc_endpoints array) */
    size_t proc_endpoint_count;

    /** lock to protect against concurrent access to proc state */
    opal_mutex_t proc_lock;
typedef struct mca_btl_wv_proc_t mca_btl_wv_proc_t;


mca_btl_wv_proc_t* mca_btl_wv_proc_create(ompi_proc_t* ompi_proc);
int mca_btl_wv_proc_insert(mca_btl_wv_proc_t*, mca_btl_base_endpoint_t*);
int mca_btl_wv_proc_remove(ompi_proc_t* proc,
                               mca_btl_base_endpoint_t* module_endpoint);