mpi3-fortran / opal / util / help-opal-util.txt

# -*- text -*-
# Copyright (c) 2009 Cisco Systems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
# Additional copyrights may follow
# This is the US/English general help file for Open MPI.
[stacktrace signal override]
Open MPI was inserting a signal handler for signal %d but noticed
that there is already a non-default handler installed.  Open MPI's
handler was therefore not installed; your job will continue.  This
warning message will only be displayed once, even if Open MPI
encounters this situation again.

To avoid displaying this warning message, you can either not install
the error handler for signal %d or you can have Open MPI not try to
install its own signal handler for this signal by setting the
"opal_signals" MCA parameter.

  Signal: %d
  Current opal_signal value: %s
[malformed net_private_ipv4]
Open MPI has detected at least one malformed IP address or netmask in
the value of the opal_net_private_ipv4 MCA parameter.  The
opal_net_private_ipv4 MCA parameter accepts a semicolon-delimited list
of Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) notation specifications, each
of the form <ipaddress>/<mask>.  For example:;;;

The first detected malformed entry was %s.
Open MPI has detected a malformed IPv4 address or netmask:

  Value provided: %s

Accepted values follow the Classless Inter-Domain
Routing (CIDR) notation specifications. For example:
Open MPI has detected a malformed URI:

  URI:  %s

Accepted values follow IETF RFC3986, e.g. file://
When creating a URI, all files must be specified in absolute paths:

  Value provided: %s

Please update your application to provide the full path to the file.