mpi3-fortran / orte / mca / dfs / base / dfs_base_select.c

 * Copyright (c) 2012      Los Alamos National Security, Inc.  All rights reserved. 
 * Additional copyrights may follow

#include "orte_config.h"
#include "orte/constants.h"

#include <string.h>

#include "opal/mca/mca.h"
#include "opal/mca/base/base.h"
#include "opal/mca/base/mca_base_param.h"
#include "opal/util/output.h"

#include "orte/mca/dfs/base/base.h"

int orte_dfs_base_select(void)
    int exit_status = ORTE_SUCCESS;
    orte_dfs_base_component_t *best_component = NULL;
    orte_dfs_base_module_t *best_module = NULL;

     * Select the best component
    if (OPAL_SUCCESS != mca_base_select("dfs", orte_dfs_base.output,
                                        (mca_base_module_t **) &best_module,
                                        (mca_base_component_t **) &best_component)) {
        /* This will only happen if no component was selected, which
         * is okay - we don't have to select anything
        return ORTE_SUCCESS;

    /* Save the winner */
    orte_dfs = *best_module;

    /* Initialize the winner */
    if (NULL != best_module && NULL != orte_dfs.init) {
        if (ORTE_SUCCESS != orte_dfs.init()) {
            exit_status = ORTE_ERROR;
            goto cleanup;

    return exit_status;
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