tasplot is a Python module that adds the names of volcanic rock types to a plot of total alkali versus silica data


  • Clone or Download the git repository
  • Install with > pip install -e . in the repository directory (your local changes will be reflected when you import the module

Alternatively, you can install the master version straight from Bitbucket: simply install using pip with the https repository URL:

> pip install git+

This will automatically link the module onto your path, allowing you to use it from any python code within your environment.


  • The script assumes that you are making a plot with Matplotlib.
  • It is used as follows:
import tasplot
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

silica = [50, 60, 70]
total_alkalis = [4, 5, 6]

fig = plt.figure()
ax1 = fig.subplot(111)
plt.plot(silica, total_alkalis)

Contribution guidelines

  • Please feel free to suggest or contribute improvements. You can contact me via Bitbucket, or @volcan01010 on Twitter.