This package provides a function that extends tasty testing framework with capability to test whether an external program runs successfully. This package is inspired by test-framework-program package by Adam Wick.

tasty-program provides basic functionality of running a program with specified set of command line parameters, and optionally a working directory, and checking the exit code. Program's output and error streams are ignored.

You can download latest stable release from Hackage


Given foo.hs source file:

module Foo where

foo :: Int
foo = 5

you can test whether GHC can compile it:

module Main (
 ) where

import Test.Tasty
import Test.Tasty.Program

main :: IO ()
main = defaultMain $ testGroup "Compilation with GHC" $ [
    testProgram "Foo" "ghc" ["-fforce-recomp", "foo.hs"] Nothing