James Sumners


A jQuery plugin that formats a JSON string into navigable HTML.


This is a filter for Tomcat (and other compatible containers) that provides CORS support to any servlet or URL. This project is essentially a fork of the original work at http://software.dzhuvinov.com/cors-filter.html . This fork removes a dependency on closed source that is distributed with the original download. This fork also moves the build environment from Ant to Maven.


A utility class for loading JSON resources from the classpath.


A Chrome extension that blocks GIFs. Supports a whitelist and deep scanning.

RESTlet 2.1 Demo

This repository demonstrates how to use the RESTlet 2.1 API to create a RESTful web API. The demonstrated API has both a public and a private portion.

JSP Web Proxy

This is a simple JSP script that proxies data for JavaScript scripts.


JBSPopup is a simple subclass of UIView that allows you to easily create a popup view on iOS.

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