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Issue #22 open

Problems with 'key' names that do not start with 'http'

Anonymous created an issue

It seems that CV currently does not display any (memory) objects that do not start with 'http' (//about:cache?device=memory// does show them).

For example, 'id=fd9da2aa&uri=http://mysite.net/stream.php' is a valid key for a (memory) object that will not be displayed in CV. Originally, I thought the fix would be as easy as commenting out the appropriate if-check in //function CV_visitEntry(aDeviceID, aEntryInfo)//. But that leads to other problems, for example if you try to save such an entry (which might relate to the name-guessing function, haven't checked that yet).

As a side note, CVgeussFileName(aKey, aMimeType) should prolly be renamed to CVguessFileName(aKey, aMimeType).

Comments (2)

  1. James Sumners repo owner

    The problem with saving that you are describing might be why the original author opted to only list disk cache entries. However, I don't know that for a fact.

    I will investigate incorporating RAM cache entries into CV.

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