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I have downloaded the latest cache viewer as I can not find the app inside firefox 20.0.1. I have tried to look every where for it in all the menus and it does not exist. But the addons page says it is installed.

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  1. arielmorg

    I really wish it said somewhere how to start cache viewer aswell :\ I did say it replaces the about:cache, so now I'm using that , lmao On FF 21.0 and have the same problem, sais it's installed , but can't find it anywhere

  2. peanutaxis

    Firstly, no it doesn't. Who are you trying to kid?. For all people know the add-on bar is just a built in part of firefox. What's really hilarious is you click 'more' in the add-ons and you get screeds and screeds of information no one cares about, but NOwhere does it even explain how to use it!

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